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What's Fallcats?

Step into the delightful world of Fallcats, where puzzles and physics come together for an enchanting mobile gaming experience. Our furry friends constantly find themselves atop unstable towers. Drawing inspiration from the nerve-wracking mechanics of Jenga—but with a furry twist—it's your mission to tactically dismantle these towers and ensure a soft landing for each kitty.

As you traverse through diverse landscapes and intricate challenges across multiple levels, you'll encounter the chance to rescue and amass over 100 distinct cats. Beyond rescuing, personalize your feline companions with a selection of quirky accessories, giving each a unique flair. Compare your collection with friends, and strive to be the top cat aficionado in the gaming community.

Ready for the challenge? Dive in, strategize, rescue, and showcase your feline prowess in the whimsical world of Fallcats!

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